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August 5, 2011 / ryanbtaylor

Earn revenue from your site with Google Adsense.

Have a website? Maybe you sell advertising space on the site but no one has purchased the spaces, the answer?  Google Adsense!  Most web developers have probably heard of Google Adsense or other affiliate programs such as amazon’s.  For the un-initiated affiliate programs allow you to display ads (content relevant) on your site, you then earning revenue per click.  Of all the affiliate programs I’ve used so far Google Adsense is by far the easiest to get on with, it’s easy to create new ads and ad types, plus it integrates with Google Analytics too!  Google then provides you with code to place the advert anywhere on site or sites – providing they meet Google Adsense ToS.

It’s worth noting that although there are many success stories on the net regarding affiliate programs you do need to invest the time, after all in the era of web 2.0 content is king so you need a lot of quality content on your site (to keep the readers coming back.)  Also ad placement is very important, there are rules regarding ad placement so I suggest you have a good read of the Google Adsense ToS, and as with everything Google Adsense is a numbers game, take the below scenario for example:

Site A brings in 1,000 unique visitors on a daily basis and the ads on the site generate a click though rate of 3.00% per day (that’s 30 clicks a day.)  Let’s assume that you earn 20p per click (Google never disclose how much an ad pays – it’s a closely guarded secret.)  So the math in this example would be 30 x 0.20 = £6.00.  So assuming that Site A can maintain a click though ratio on 3.00% (which is quite achievable) then the site would earn £6 daily (£180 montly on avg.)

As mentioned before you won’t get rich quick and you’ll need to put in the work, great content, SEO work etc… but if you can on top of thing – especially if you manage multiple site then you could be onto a good earner.  There are examples of people making 4 figure monthly incomes from Adsense.  Why not check out the Lincoln Sunday Football League website as an example of a site running Google Adsense.

As always feel free to join in using the comments form below.  Many thanks for reading.

– Ryan Taylor


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