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August 8, 2011 / ryanbtaylor

Record Problems on Windows 7 with Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.exe.)

OK so you’ve taken a support, could be at work or maybe your folks have called because there machine “isn’t behaving.”  They keep telling you that application a is generating an error when they execute it.  In a ideal world you would take remote control of the machine and fix the issue, but sometimes it just isn’t practical or impossible to take remote control of the target machine.  Thats where PSR.exe becomes your ace card.  PSR.exe works by recording all the steps/click etc… that the user performs it then generates a XML file with screenshots and step-by-step instruction of what the user did and more importantly it captures any error messages that are generated aswell!

To start using PSR.exe, instruct your client to click the start orb and then in “start your search here” type psr and select problems step recorder.  This will pop a small problems steps recorder window, instruct the client to click start record.  From here instruct the client to re-create their movements up to the point they get the crash/error message, once they have finished recording the problem instruct the client to client stop recording.  The client can then choose the save the zip file that is generated and from there can email you the file for further analysis.

Many Thanks

-Ryan Taylor


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